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Management of Design covers all actions which are executed within the preparation & design phase of a project. From requesting information of the client or partners such as architects and contractors, to approvals on drawings and selecting the right contractors for the work. It’s all done within this phase. Collaboration and governance is important within the design phase on all work done, in order to make a successful transition to the execution phase.

Main subjects for Management of Design:

  • Design (Project)
  • Collaboration
  • Document management / drawing registers / submittals
  • Link design changes to budget variations / contract changes
  • Traceability
  • Project Controls


With projects getting more complex and the involvement of more and more subcontractors, keeping control of a project becomes increasingly difficult. Everyone involved uses their own software and keeps their own files on the project. Therefore, the project team is no longer in control of where the information is based, which version is used and who needs to approve certain parts to make sure the project is progressing.

To ensure milestones are reached, project progress is on track and everyone involved is looking to the right/same information, you’ll need “one version of the truth”.


PMWeb was developed to support the complete project lifecycle, from project initiative until project completion. It even is capable of controlling the maintenance and support for the project deliverables.

When using PMWeb you have complete project insight within every phase of the project using “one version of the truth”. From Request for Information to Contract, to approvals of drawings, to actual work orders, it can be managed through PMWeb. You’ll have a complete audit trail of the execution of all these actions and scan the report on these by one click of a button.

By using PMWeb you can speed up the processes within the design phase. You have a simple view on who is responsible for the next step within the design phase. If their actions are overdue, you simply resend a reminder in PMWeb.


  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Worldwide Network
  • Options: Self-Hosted, Managed Host or Cloud
  • 100% Web-based
  • Multiple browsers and devices without plug-ins

PMWeb capabilities and benefits

Within PMWeb we can implement a common process for the design phase to the solution. Typically we’ll start off with a project initiative in which we set the overall goals and restrictions to the project. With this initiative we setup a project which can be controlled in the overall Project Center. The Project Center will be a typical view for the Project Manager. They can oversee all actions and the status of these, oversee budgets, changes and progress on the schedule. All actions within PMWeb are logged, which automatically creates an audit trail.


PMWeb is able to implement different kind of design models to be used for Building Information Management. It is capable of connecting parts of the design model to all kinds of information such as:

  • Contracts
  • Budgets
  • Work orders
  • Action Items
  • Many more….

The same is done if working collaboratively on a CAD-drawing.


We can bring every part of the design process into a workflow in order to keep governance over this process. Every step within the process is auditable and visible to the submitter of the process. In this way a Project Manager can see who still needs to approve a certain step in order to secure timely progress on every process. Workflows are easily created within the Visual Workflow Designer.

Document Management / Drawing Registers / Submittals

PMWeb has its own document management engine. This way we can connect every project document to any action within PMWeb. Easy drag & drop files, drawings and many other. The document manager is capable of version control on every submitted document in order to keep one version of the truth.

Link design changes to budget variations or contract

Design changes should be submitted to PMWeb using the workflow designed for this. During this process we can easily link design changes to budget variations or changes made to contractual commitments.


Every step within PMWeb will be traceable and therefore, auditable. If you are a Project Manager you can easily see who gave their approval, when they gave it, and if they has any instructions. All this makes sure you’ll have your audit trail to the client if there is any discussion on a deliverable within the design.

Project Controls

Keeping control over your project, is what PMWeb is all about. Therefore, it’s very strong in financial project information. PMWeb provides overviews with the option to see detailed contract information within one view.

Alternatively, an overview of approved and paid invoices can be within one view together with the original budget, budget changes and anticipated cost.


Everything has easy drill down options by simply clicking on the information. This way PMWeb allows you to review into the most detailed levels of your cost code structure.

This way we are able to control the complete design phase, having all our stakeholders working from the same database with the same information and full control on all actions made and pending.


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