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Just to give you an idea, one of the reports the construction industry is ranked just above hunting and agriculture when it comes to the level of adoption of IT technology. More recent numbers of research and publishing has been done to address this challenge and turn the tide; just google: “Construction & Digitization”.

Fig. 1: The construction industry is among the least digitized.

Various major consultancy firms (Deloitte, McKinsey, KPMG, …) identified the lack of use of IT technology as one of the major challenges to overcome in the Construction Industry or Capital Projects market last couple of years. Digitization manifests itself in various areas: Health & Safety, Quality, Risk Management, Environment, Commercial, Finance and Project Management. Technological innovations used to improve the adoption of IT technology in the construction industry range from the more or less known virtual/ augmented reality, smart wearables, drones and rising stars like block chain.

Digitization is not just about IT

Fig.2: PMWeb is an online multiplatform solution

Digitization not only affects the technology used by contractors and consultants, it also affects the processes and the relationship between owner, consultants, contractors and architects. Think about the way stakeholder can participate using Building Information Management.

So whilst it is much more trendy to talk about the use of drones and augmented reality on the construction site we would like to focus on the opportunities there are in the field of Project Controls on these Capital Projects. In general there is not a high level of maturity for these Project Controls processes, not only at the contractors side, but even on the owner side, where millions (of billions) are spent on Capital Projects every year.

In many cases some processes are in place, but tooling is usually MS Excel based. Providing a single source of truth with formalized standard processes supported by workflow etc., is virtually impossible.

There is a broad set of proven integrated project control solutions available that improve your project control processes, train your staff to support the processes on all integrated knowledge areas relevant to Project Controls. To support this, more and more organizations use PMWeb as their Capital Project Management Solution.

Paul Vogels is the managing director of Primaned and responsible for their business units Consulting, Software and the Primaned Academy. Primaned is a boutique consulting firm, specialized in project controls for construction & engineering, petrochemical industry, health- & pharmaceutical industry and government. We believe that our passion and our creativity can ensure our customers to deliver project insight.


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