• PMWeb delivered $1 Trillion in Projects!
  • End-to-end Project lifecycle management
  • Single source of truth within your projects
  • 100% webbased collaboration within your project

What is PMWeb?

PMWeb’s best-in-class Capital Project Management Software Solution was built from the ground up for owners and construction professionals to handle the entire Plan, Build and Operate lifecycle needs in an easy to use web-based platform. Whether used by construction or IT professionals, facility owners/operators or property managers, PMWeb provides an unparalleled combination of access, collaboration and control.

Where many project organisations have trouble to have overview in their portfolio of projects, lack the ability to act fast because it's not clear who needs to act or many project documents are stored on different locations; PMWeb provides a "Single Source of Truth" within the project environment.

Benefits with PMWeb:

  •  Improved productivity and reduced management resources
  •  Reduced risk of over-commitment through better control
  •  Greater consistency and compliance
  •  Better visibility and informed decision-making
  •  A single ‘source of truth’ for all processes and all data
  •  Reduced effort for maintaining business systems
  •  Reduced operating costs


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